One of my long-term academic and research ambitions is to demonstrate how Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) as a field of applied enquiry can contribute to building a more inclusive society.

To do this, I research how we design interactive multimodal and cross-modal systems – systems which exploit the full range of the human senses to support interaction with and through computing technology – and the impact that these systems have on how people go about working with each other. I’m also interested in the design process itself, in particular how best to engage end users in it through participatory design.

Research keywords include: Human-Computer Interaction, Auditory Display, Haptics, Tactile feedback, Multimodal and Cross-modal Interaction, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Participatory Design, Information Representation, Collaboration, Accessibility, Assistive Technology, User Studies.

I have a keen interest in scientific outreach and public engagement with science.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want to find out more or would like to discuss any of the above. You can also read a little more about my work on my work home page, read this article for a glimpse into my research, or listen to this interview:


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